Safety/Protection – Approved 2.23.2013


The School will ensure that all staff and Students wear appropriate eye and face protection which complies with all Federal and State standards when working in areas that expose them to hazards such as flying particles, molten metal, liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids, chemical oases or vapors, or potentially injurious light radiation.  Staff shall obtain appropriate eye protections (safety glasses, goggles, etc.) and will also provide information on the proper use and care of the eye and face protection device.

The teacher will provide the devices to the Students.

Staff regularly working in potential eye-hazard areas who need prescription glasses may submit a request through the Director for prescription safety glasses.  The School will assume the cost of the glasses.


Staff working in areas where the noise level is 80 decibels or more may obtain ear protection through the Director.  Staff in 80 decibel or more areas are given a yearly hearing test.


All staff working at tasks in which feet are at risk shall wear substantial and/or steel-toed shoes to protect their feed and toes and/or slip-resistant shoes to protect their footing.


Employees and Students with long hair (down to the shoulders) shall tie their hair back or wear hair nets or caps when working on equipment with rotating spindles or other moving machinery.  Staff and Students working at tasks in which the head is at risk from falling debris or from being struck by objects shall wear appropriate head protection.


Staff and Students may obtain gloves or other hand protection which is appropriate to the task to be performed for the teachers or the Director.


Loose clothing must not be worn near moving machinery.

Neckties and scarves must be securely clipped to the shirt.

Staff and Students working in areas where chemicals, solvents, other irritants, or caustic acids are used will be supplied with face shields, chemical resistant boots, aprons, gloves, etc.

Rings and jewelry must not be worn when working on machinery.

Work gloves (leather palmed) must be worn by anyone handling raw materials other thank chemicals.