Pest Control – Approved 2.23.2013

The school is committed to providing students a safe environment. It seeks to prevent children from being exposed to pests and pesticides. While pesticides protect children and property from pests such as insects, weeds, and rodents that may be found in the school and its surrounding grounds, under some circumstances they may pose a hazard to children and employees. To minimize potential pesticide exposure to children, pest control practices in this school may involve a variety of effective chemical and non-chemical methods.

Pursuant to this commitment, the school will:

  1. Ensure that pesticides are used only by certified pesticide applicators or individuals operating under their supervision.
  2. Ensure that pesticides are not used when children are present or are likely to be exposed to a liquid pesticide residue.
  3. Inform parents and staff members of the corporation’s pest control policy at least annually and include in this notice, the name and phone number of a contact for more information.
  4. Establish a registry of staff members and parents of students at the school building who request advance notice and ensure that school health professionals are on the registry.
  5. Provide to those on the registry at least two school days advance notice of pesticide use, except when the pests pose an immediate health threat or threaten to disrupt a normal learning environment.
  6. Whenever advance notice is not provided, notify those on the registry as soon as possible thereafter and include an explanation for the delayed notice and what pesticide was applied.

This policy does not apply to the following exempted uses of pesticides:

  1. Germicides, disinfectants, bactericides, sanitizing agents, water purifiers and swimming pool chemicals used in normal cleaning activities;
  2. Personal insect repellents when self applied; and
  3. Gel bait or manufactured enclosed insecticides when used where students do not have access to the insecticide.