Open Door – Approved 2.23.2013

General Policy

The School has adopted an Open Door Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) for all employees.  This means that every supervisor may be approached at any time by any employee.  The purpose of the Policy is to encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion about any matter of importance to an employee.

Responsibilities Under the Policy

If any area of work is causing an employee concern, the employee has the responsibility to address their concern with a supervisor.  Whether the employee has a problem, concern, complaint, suggestion, or observation, the School wants to know.  By listening to its employees, the School is able to improve, to address complaints, and to foster employee understanding of the rationale for practices, processes, and decisions.

Use of the Policy

Most problems can and should be solved in discussion with the immediate supervisor; thus is encouraged as a first effort to solve a problem.  But, an open door policy means that employees may also discuss issues and concerns with the next level of management and/or the Director.  No matter how employees approach a problem, complaint, or suggestion, employees will find supervisors at all levels of the School willing to listen and to help bring about a solution or provide a clarification.

Benefits of the Policy

By helping to solve problems, supervisors benefit by gaining valuable insight into possible problems with existing methods, procedures, and approaches.  While there may not be an easy answer or solution to every concern, School employees have the opportunity at all times, through this Policy, to be heard.