Ohio Achievement Assessment Security Procedures – Approved 2.23.2013

General Provisions

The School shall take every precaution to assure that all tests administered within the School system shall be conducted in such a manner so as not to compromise in any way the testing results.  For criterion-referenced, norm-referenced, alternate assessments, and certain other tests administered by or through the Ohio Department of Education, testing materials and procedures, as well as any electronic data, computer media, or passwords related to student testing, shall be properly supervised in strict compliance with regulations outlined by the Ohio Department of Education and the Board of Trustees (hereinafter “Board”).  In addition, all secure tests and test documents shall be stored under lock and key in designated areas when not in use.

All cell phones or other similar technological devices with imaging or text-messaging capabilities that are the property of students, test administrators, and school test coordinators must be placed in and remain in the off position and stored in a secure area away from students as designated and supervised by a school administrator during test administration or any other time that test booklets and answer documents are present.

Testing Security

1. It shall be a violation of test security for any person to do any of the following:

  • Administer tests in a manner that is inconsistent with the administrative instructions provided by the Ohio Department of Education and the Board that would give examinees an unfair advantage or disadvantage;
  • Give examinees access to test questions prior to testing;
  • Examine any test item at any time (except for students during the test or test administrators while providing the accommodations Tests Read Aloud or Communication Assistance, Transferred Answers, or Answers Recorded for students determined to be eligible for those accommodations);
  • Copy, reproduce, record, store electronically, discuss, or use at any time in a manner inconsistent with test regulations all or part of any secure test booklet, answer document, or supplementary secure materials (e.g. writing prompts, science tasks);
  • Coach examinees in any manner during testing or alter or interfere with examinees’ responses in any manner;
  • Provide answers to students in any manner during the test, including provision of cues, clues, hints, and/or actual answers in any form — written, printed, verbal, or nonverbal;
  • Administer published parallel, previously administered, or current forms of any statewide assessment as a practice test or study guide;
  • Fail to follow security regulations for distribution and return of secure test booklets, answer documents, supplementary secure materials, as well as overages as directed; or fail to account for and secure test materials before, during, or after testing
  • Conduct testing in environments that differ from the usual classroom environment without prior written permission from the Ohio Department of Education;
  • Fail to report any testing irregularities to the District Test Coordinator (a testing irregularity is any incident in test handling or administration that leads to a question regarding the security of the test or the accuracy of the test data), who must report such incidents to the Ohio Department of Education;
  • Participate in, direct, aid, counsel, assist in, encourage, or fail to report any of the acts prohibited in this section.

2. Test materials, including all test booklets, answer documents, supplementary secure materials containing secure test questions, video tapes, and completed observation sheets, shall be kept secure and accounted for in accordance with the procedure specified in the examination program administration manuals and other communications provided by the Ohio Department of Education. Secure test materials include test administrators’ manuals, test booklets, answer documents, and any supplementary secure materials.

  • All test materials, except district and school test coordinator manuals and test administration manuals, test booklets, answer documents, and supplementary secure materials shall be kept in a predetermined, secured, locked storage area prior to, during, and after administration of any test; all secure materials, including any parallel forms of a test, shall be kept in a locked storage; secure materials must never be left in open areas or unattended;
  • Test administrators are to be given access to the tests and any supplementary secure materials only on the day the test is to be administered, and these are to be retrieved immediately after testing is completed for the day and stored in a designated locked, secure location each day of testing.
  • All test booklets, answer documents, and supplementary secure materials shall be accounted for and written documentation kept by test administrators and proctors for each point at which test materials are distributed and returned.
  • Any discrepancies noted in the serial numbers of test booklets, answer documents, and any supplementary secure materials, or the quantity received from contractors shall be reported to the Ohio Department of Education by the school district’s Test Coordinator prior to the administration of the test.
  • In the event the test booklets, answer documents, or supplementary secure materials are determined to be missing while in the possession of the school district or in the event of any other testing irregularities or breaches of security, the District Test Coordinator shall immediately notify by telephone the Ohio Department of Education.

3. Only personnel trained in test security and administration shall be allowed to have access to or administer any statewide assessments.

4. The Director shall designate annually one individual in the district as District Test Coordinator, and, if necessary, one individual as Backup District Test Coordinator, who shall be authorized to procure test. The name of the individuals so designated shall be provided to the Ohio Department of Education.

5. If during the academic year the person appointed as District Test Coordinator changes, the Director shall notify the Ohio Department of Education.

6. Testing shall be conducted in class-sized groups. Permission for testing in environments that differ from the usual classroom setting must be obtained in writing from the Ohio Department of Education at least thirty (30) days prior to testing.  If testing outside the usual classroom setting is approved, the Board shall provide at least one proctor for every thirty (30) students.

7. In cases where test results are not accepted because of breach of test security or action by the Ohio Department of Education, any programmatic, evaluative, or graduation criteria dependent upon the data shall be deemed not to have been met.

8. Individuals shall adhere to all procedures specified in all operational manuals that govern the mandated testing programs, as well as any access to electronically shared student test data.

9. Anyone known to be involved in the presentation of forged, counterfeit, or altered identification for the purposes of obtaining admission to a test administration site for any test administered by the Ohio Department of Education shall have breached test security. Any individual who knowingly causes or allows the presentation of forged, counterfeit or altered identification for the purpose of obtaining admission to any test administration site shall forfeit all test scores but will be allowed to retake the test at the next test administration.

10. The District Test Coordinator shall coordinate the investigation of all reports of testing irregularities, including anonymous complaints, access to electronic data, missing test materials, or instances of plagiarism or excessive wrong-to-right erasures on a test. The District Test Coordinator may elicit the assistance of school district administrative personnel as well as other persons deemed appropriate to assist in any investigation.  Once the investigation has been completed, a report of the results of the investigation shall be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education, and the Director of the School.