Conduct of Academic Prevention and Intervention Services – Approved 2.23.2013

The Board of Education authorizes and directs the Superintendent or designee to develop guidelines governing the conduct of academic prevention/intervention services for all grades and all schools throughout the District that include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

A.        Procedures for using diagnostic assessments to measure student progress toward the attainment of academic standards and to identify students who may not attain academic standards;

B.         A plan for the design of classroom-based intervention services to meet the instructional needs of individual students as determined by the results of diagnostic assessments;

C.        Procedures for the regular collection of student performance data;

D.        Procedures for using student performance data to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention services and, if necessary, to modify such services;

E.         The inclusion of any required prevention/intervention services.

Prevention/intervention services shall be provided in pertinent subject areas to students who score below the proficient level on a reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, or science proficiency or achievement test or who do not demonstrate academic performance at their grade level based on the results of a diagnostic assessment.