Cell Phone – Approved 2.23.2013

The administration has established the following guidelines for the appropriate use of School-owned cellular telephones and other communication devices. It also defines guidelines for personal cellular calls by the employees of the School.

Cellular telephone services may be provided to employees who, because of job-related activities must have easy access to a telephone. Annually, the Director develops a list of the positions that need cellular telephones. Employees in these positions may apply for cellular telephones, and once processed, the employee receives the cellular telephone and guidelines for use.


The School contracts with a cellular company that best meets the needs of the School. An employee wishing to have features other than those offered in the School’s plan must have approval of the Director.

Damage, Loss or Theft

Cellular equipment that is damaged in the course of business should be brought to the Director to be sent out for repairs. Lost or stolen cellular equipment must be immediately reported to the Director so that service can be cancelled. All costs incurred for replacement or repair is the responsibility of the School and/or the employee depending on the circumstances.

Usage Monitoring

The Director is responsible for:

  1. educating employees regarding appropriate cellular telephone. (In emergency situations, supervisors may grant exceptions to usage. In such circumstances the employee must reimburse any charges incurred for personal use);
  2. instructing employees not to use School-owned cellular telephones while operating any vehicles;
  3. explaining to employees their responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged telephones;
  4. explaining to employees that telephones are to be used for District-related business and that the telephones may not be used for personal business.

Personal Calls

The School provides cellular telephones to employees for the purpose of conducting School business. The district provided phones have the capability of adding a second line for the personal use of the employee, the cost of which will be invoiced directly to the employee by the cellular phone company. The employee is solely responsible for payment of these second line charges, and any emergency personal use of the district line.

Bill Payment Procedure

The Treasurer receives, reviews, prepares and transmits checks for the cellular bills on a monthly basis.