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About us

Dayton SMART Bilingual Academy seeks to create a national reputation for excellence in special programming for elementary. Our curriculum matches the Ohio Department of Education curriculum standards with specific adjustments made to tailor the curriculum to the needs of our students.

Mission and Vision


Dayton SMART Bilingual Academy's mission is to inspire students for lifelong learning to achieve accelerated growth through academics, bilingual education, and personal connection to their community and world around them.


We envision a school that will be recognized as a model for accelerated academic, personal, and interpersonal growth by promoting a technology and language-friendly environment where the school community benefits from the diversity of its surroundings by creating cultural awareness.


The five priority objectives for the Columbus Bilingual Academy:

  • Student Learning - Each student will significantly increase their pace of learning and exceed grade level knowledge in all core subject areas.
  • Student Skill Development - Each student will build effective personal, interpersonal and higher order thinking skills.
  • Student Safety - Each student will learn to promote a safe and secure school environment through effective leadership and self-discipline skills.
  • Community Impact - A broad base of parents and community leaders will significantly increase their involvement at the school level. A broad base of students will increase their involvement at the community level.
  • Effecient Operations - The finance and operations necessary to support the school’s operations will be a model for other traditional and community public schools.


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Dayton SMART Bilingual Academy

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